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It contains the Signia Assistant and TeleCare support. Using artificial intelligence, the Signia Assistant offers immediate support whenever you need to adjust …

If you think you need hearing aids, don’t wait to get help. Take our online hearing test to be sure, then find an Audibel  hearing professional near you.

PATH MEDICAL – solutions for ABR / ASSR, OAE, DPOAE, FMDPOAE, TEOAE, Tympanometry, Audiometry, Tracking & Benchmarking, Screening, Handheld, Portale, …

Inventis Technology develops custom innovative control electronics for millions of consumer, commercial, industrial and military grade devices to improve …

Synapsys can help improve energy efficiency in NHS Trusts, hospitals and medical centres with: energy monitoring and metering;; interfacing essential plant and …


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Test Facilities Available

 We provide hearing assessment for adults and for new born as well,our dedicated professional staff including audiologist provide their services by using state-of-the-art instruments/equipments .Test includes,PTA,Speech audiometry ,Tympanometry,Brain-evoked response audiometry(BERA),Auditory Steady-State response ,(ASSR),Otoacosutic Emission(OAE) 


Pure Tone Audiometry -PTA

Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)

Pure tone audiometry (PTA) is the key hearing test used to identify hearing threshold levels of an individual, enabling determination of the degree, type and configuration of a hearing loss and thus providing a basis for diagnosis and management.

Speech Audiometry (Speech Audiometry (SA)SA

Speech Audiometry (SA)

The audiologist will say words to you through headphones, and you will repeat the words. The audiologist will record the softest speech you can repeat. You may also need to repeat words that you hear at a louder level. This is done to test word recognition.


A tympanogram is a graphic representation of the relationship between the air pressure in the ear canal and the movement of the eardrum, or tympanic membrane, and the tiny bones in the air-filled middle ear space. The eardrum is disturbed by a sound.

Acoustic Reflex Measurement

Acoustic Reflex Measurement

Middle ear muscle reflex (MEMR) measurements have been a part of the standard clinical immittance test battery for decades as a cross-check with the behavioral audiogram and as a way to separate cochlear from retrocochlear pathologies.

Aided Audiometry

Aided Audiometry

The aided sound-field threshold (ASFT) represents the softest sound that the wearer can hear inside the audiometric test booth when using a hearing aid. For a wide dynamic range compression (WDRC) hearing aid without a volume control (VC).

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs)

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs)

Your ear is made up of three parts the outer, the middle, and the inner ear. The OAE test is used to find out how well your inner ear, or cochlea, works. It measures otoacoustic emissions or OAEs. These are sounds given off by the inner ear when responding to a sound.

Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA)

Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA)

BERA (Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry) test is a to neurological test that examines brain function and auditory function in response to the sound stimulus.

Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR)

Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR)

Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR) is an objective test used for evaluation of hearing ability in children too young for traditional audiometric testing.

Tinnitus Assessment & Management

Tinnitus Assessment & Management

There’s not usually a quick fix for tinnitus, but it will often improve gradually over time. A number of treatments are available to help you cope.

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 Our valued customer always demand services upto entire satisfaction, which demand greater reliability and personel individual attentions, which is our legacy

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Customer made hearing aids and ear moulds including repair service under one roof

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Having over 12 years of experinces is what we offer to our esteemed customer

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We do not compromise over quality and fulfill demand of our valued customers

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From hearing assessment to fitting hearing aid,we have dedicated staff for every job we offer


Calibration of audiological Instrument via SoundAdvisor Sound Level Meter performs the functions of several instruments by combining the features of a precision Class 1 sound level meter, SoundAdvisor is an ideal solution for a range of applications for the calibration.

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Early Diagnoses is essential

Since hearing assessment and early diagnostic of hearing loss eliminate furhter chances of hearing loss so book your appoint for early diagnoses


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